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We know that the sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage our skin. We also know that UV rays can cause cellular damage below the epidermis. The damage can be severe and it’s estimated that a majority of skin cancer cases are attributable to the sun. Though most people appreciate the sun’s impact on their skin, they often fail to realize how significant that impact can be on their lips.
While millions of people don’t think twice about applying
effective sunscreens to prevent UV rays from causing skin
Why Your Lips Are More Vulnerable To Sun Damage
There are 2 main reasons why your lips are more vulnerable to sun damage than most of your body. First, the skin on your lips is very thin and vulnerable. And unlike the skin across your body, your lips don’t contain much melanin (skin pigment). When UVB rays shower your skin, your skin produces melanin for protection. Your lips aren’t able to do this effectively. So, while your body may tan, you lips can burn and peel.
The second reason your lips are especially prone to sun damage is the fact that they’re always exposed. You can easily cover the rest of your body when you’re in the sun. You can even cover your eyes and head. But, your lips remain exposed. All year round, your lips bask in the sun’s rays. And while the effects of UVB rays may lessen during the months that are cooler, UVA rays are powerful throughout the year. So, how do you protect your lips from the sun?
damage, yet neglect to provide the same protection for their lips. A recent study at the University of Texas revealed that over 70% of people in the U.S. don’t apply any sun protection on their lips at all.
Let’s look at why your lips are even more prone to the effects of the sun than the rest of your body. There are options to protect your lips and I’ll share these with you.

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