Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Latest Bandhani sarees2011-12

 Bandhani sarees are a form of Indian saree that are highly coveted in all parts of India for the unique designs that are created with tie and dye technique. The small resist-dyed `spots` produce elaborate patterns over the fabric and is mainly created in Gujarat.
Bandhani is believed to have existed in India since, at least, the late fifth century AD because such work is evident in the fabrics depicted in the Ajanta murals. Many of today`s western Indian bandhej (bandhani crafts people) trace their ancestry back to Pakistan`s Sind and Punjab. Most traditional bandhej belong to either Khatri, Chhipa (printing), Punjabi Chavda, Rangrez (dyer) or Neelgar (indigo dyer) communities. In fact, about nine totally different social groups are involved with the production of traditional Bandhani textiles.

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